Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Leicester Jazz House TV

Leicester Jazz House are currently in the motions of setting up a series via YouTube under the name "Leicester Jazz House TV" (LJH-TV) and delving more into the new unpredictable world of Social Media. This will be a platform to film and interview each Jazz Artist that we have coming up to perform.

We're hoping this will give a clearer understanding of what Leicester Jazz House is about; our events, concerts, workshops and the different types of professional bands that we have coming up to perform at whichever venue, thus learning more about the beauty and art of Jazz first hand from the band leaders/members themselves. Creating a personal experience and a dialogue, shedding light into the illusionary art of Jazz/Improvisation bringing in the listener/audience members into the know. Any questions that you may have for any particular musician that you would like answering then please submit questions via the blog or email.

The idea is borrowed from several projects that I have seen on YouTube and I believe this would be a unique aspect to add, not only to Leicester Jazz House but our contribution to the UK Jazz scene and beyond.

I believe in this way we could promote the awareness of Jazz/Improvisation more and could possibly lead into other avenues such as interviewing local Jazz Musicians, short online Jazz education workshops, showcasing kids performing Jazz and would definitely be a good lead up to the Leicester City of Culture 2017 etc etc etc...

Marcus Joseph

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